As with ChanServ, this is one of the mainstay services we have provided since EsperNet began, so other than a few minor syntax changes regarding changing settings and password recovery, not much has changed unless you dig deeper into the advanced options.

NickServ allows users to 'register' a nickname, and stop others from using that nick. NickServ allows the owner of a nickname to disconnect a user from the network that is using their nickname.

If a registered nick is not used by the owner for 30 days, NickServ will drop the nickname, allowing it to be reregistered.

We recommend you use the online HELP functionality to gain an understanding of what each of these commands do.

 /msg NickServ HELP [command]
 e.g. /msg Nickserv HELP REGISTER

The following commands are available:

 ACC             Displays parsable session information
 ACCESS          Changes and shows your nickname access list.
 DROP            Drops an account registration.
 GHOST           Reclaims use of a nickname.
 GROUP           Adds a nickname to your account.
 HELP            Displays contextual help information.
 IDENTIFY        Identifies to services for a nickname.
 INFO            Displays information on registrations.
 LISTCHANS       Lists channels that you have access to.
 LISTGROUPS      Lists groups you have access to.
 LOGOUT          Logs your services session out.
 REGAIN          Regain usage of a nickname.
 REGISTER        Registers a nickname.
 RELEASE         Releases a services enforcer.
 SENDPASS        Email registration passwords.
 SET             Sets various control flags.
 SETPASS         Changes a password using an authcode.
 STATUS          Displays session information.
 TAXONOMY        Displays a user's metadata.
 UNGROUP         Removes a nickname from your account.
 VACATION        Sets an account as being on vacation.
 VERIFY          Verifies an account registration.


The NickServ SET ENFORCE option is similar in function to SET KILL on other networks. When set to ON, NickServ will automatically protect any nicks registered to your account by forcibly switching the nick of anyone who attempts to use them without identifing after thirty seconds.


After a nickname enforcement has happened, the nickname is temporarily blocked - the block can be removed at the account holder's discretion using the RELEASE command.

Below is a snapshot of the ENFORCE documentation which can also be obtained via:

/msg nickserv HELP SET ENFORCE

The ENFORCE documentation:

SET ENFORCE allows you to enable more protection for
all nicknames registered to your account.
This will automatically change the nick of someone
who attempts to use it without identifying in time,
and temporarily block its use, which can be
removed at your discretion. See help on RELEASE.


When NickServ has enforced a nickname change policy upon a user (if a user has set ENFORCE to ON for their account) then the nickname is temporarily blocked from use. The RELEASE command can unblock the nickname for it to be used again. Below is a snapshot of the RELEASE documentation which can also be obtained via:

/msg NickServ HELP RELEASE

The RELEASE documentation:

RELEASE removes an enforcer for your nick or
changes the nick of a user that is using your
Enforcers are created when someone uses your
nick without identifying and prevent all use
of it.
If you are logged in to the nick, you need not specify
a password, otherwise you have to.
Syntax: RELEASE <nick> [password]