Dice rolling is a big part of RPG games, and EsperNet is home to many RPG channels. GameServ seemed like useful tool to provide which came with the services upgrade and that is why it is available.

We recommend you use the online HELP functionality to gain an understanding of what each of these commands do.

 /msg GameServ HELP [command]
 e.g. /msg GameServ HELP CALC

The following commands are available:

 CALC            Calculates simple mathematic operations.
 DF              Fudge-style dice generation.
 HELP            Displays contextual help information.
 NAMEGEN         Generates some names to ponder.
 NWOD            New WOD-style dice generation.
 ROLL            Rolls one or more dice.
 WOD             WOD-style dice generation.

Enabling GameServ on your channel

To allow the use of GameServ you must enable it for your channel, to do so use the following syntax:

/msg ChanServ SET [#channel] GAMESERV ALL|VOICE|OP|OFF

You can decide who may use GameServ:

    ALL   - allow all channel members
    VOICE - allow ops/voiced
    OP    - allow ops
    OFF   - allow noone

    /msg ChanServ SET #foo GAMESERV VOICE

GameServ and BotServ bots

GameServ commands will also work with BotServ bots, assuming you have one assigned to your channel. This provides a nicer interface as users in the channel can simply use GameServ commands without PMing the bot. To utilize a BotServ bot you must assign one to your channel. See the BotServ documentation for additional information.

GameServ intergration with BotServ

GameServ provides dice rolling, for more information about GameServ please see the GameServ page.

BotServ intergration with GameServ enables the use of GameServ directly with the bot. This useful for when you wish to roll the dice in a channel in full view of everyone there. There are several ways to interact with GameServ, in this section we will focus on the BotServ interaction.

To enable GameServ on your Channel

/msg ChanServ SET #mychannel GAMESERV [ALL|VOICE|OP|OFF]

If your BotServ bot has the FANTASY mode set, you will be able to issue the public command !roll [dice option] in your channel. To turn FANTASY mode on:

/msg botserv SET #mychannel FANTASY ON

Note: This will enable ALL BotServ fantasy commands

BotServ Fantasy Commands for GameServ

!roll [dice]d[faces]            !roll 4d5 = Rolls 4 dice with 5 faces.
!df [dice]d[faces]              !df 2d6 = Rolls Fudge-style dice.
!namegen                        Suggests names for characters.
!wod [dice] [difficulty]        Rolls WOD style dice.