ALIS is a service which allows you to search for channels. It is more flexible than the venerable /LIST command. The only command offered by the ALIS service is LIST.

As always, it's possible to read online documentation by issuing the HELP command and we recommend perusing it in conjunction with this web page.


Listing channels

The general syntax is:

/msg ALIS LIST [pattern] [option]...

With no arguments, the LIST command will display all non-secret channels paginated in blocks of 60 entries. Further entries can be returned by using the -skip option.

The pattern parameter searches for the specified channel name (e.g. #help). Wildcards for single (?) and multiple (*) characters are valid within this parameter.

The [option] argument, which can be repeated, accepts the following options:

-min <n>
Minimum users in channel
-max <n>
Maximum users in channel
-skip <n>
Skip first n entries
-show [m][t]
Shows channel modes [m] and/or user who last set topic [t]
-mode <+|-|=><mode characters>
Filters for the presence/exact match/absence of specified channel mode characters
-topic <pattern>
Filters the topic string in the same manner as the top-level [pattern] argument