Contact EsperNet

EsperNet's support team is made up of volunteers from our network operations and administration teams. We read and process every request individually, so bear with us if responding to your request takes a few days.

In order to expedite your request and the requests of others, we ask that you visit our help page and any other links that you may have received for this issue before contacting us.

Please note that the EsperNet staff does not typically get involved in internal channel issues. Responsibility for those issues rests with a channel's founder.

» To submit a ticket, please visit our support page.

For network-related issues only, please join #DragonWeyr and a staff member will help you shortly.

For general IRC help, please join #help. Ask your question, and someone will be along to help you. Idling is welcome; perhaps you will even be able to answer someone else's question!

EsperNet provides news and support on Twitter, at @espernet.