EsperNet Help

Welcome to the EsperNet self-help reference site. Here you'll find information to get you started on our network and information on how to use our IRC Services. If you are new to IRC, have a read through our Getting Started page. If you can't find what you're looking for here, please come visit us in #help.

For support from EsperNet staff, please visit us in #DragonWeyr or use our Contact Form.

EsperNet Charter and Polices

In order to provide a safe and welcoming environment for our users, we request and require that all users read and abide by the terms set forth in the EsperNet Charter.

Additionally, bots, scripts, bridges, and other types of automated connections are subject to our Bot Policy.

Failure to comply with our charter or polices may result in your removal from the network. Your cooperation is appreciated.

About Services

EsperNet is pleased to offer our a robust suite of network services to help our users manage their nicknames and channels. Our services allow you to register your nicknames and channels, and to send messages ("memos") to offline users.

Our main services include:


NickServ provides nickname management. NickServ allows you to "register" your own nicknames and will prevent users other than you from using them. NickServ also maintains information about each registered nickname, including the last time you were online, your email address (optional), and your website (optional).


ChanServ provides channel management. Like NickServ, ChanServ allows you to register and manage your own channels. With ChanServ, you can maintain access lists (auto-op, auto-voice) for your channels, enforce channel modes, and, if necessary, manage troublesome users. ChanServ will remember the last topic on the channel when everyone leaves, so the channel comes back as you remember it when someone returns.


MemoServ allows you to send messages to offline users. Instead of waiting (sometimes for quite a long time) for user to come online to send them a message, MemoServ allows you to leave a message for them that will be announced to them when they next logon to EsperNet. This service requires that the both the sending and receiving nicknames be registered with NickServ.

Additional services include: BotServ | GameServ | GroupServ | SessionServ