Featured Channels

If you're new to EsperNet or just looking for a new hangout, check out some of these channels. If none of these channels suit you, you might find what you're looking for using ALIS.

For help on IRC, please visit #help.

Wherever you decide to go, we look forward to seeing you on EsperNet.

Official Channels


Network operations and staff channel. If you're having a network issue and need help from EsperNet staff, come here.

Unofficial Channels


Help with programming.


EsperNet's unofficial chat channel! Open to anyone and everyone on any topic that suits your fancy.


The official channel for Factorio; a game about automation.


EsperNet's user-driven help channel. Know something about IRC? Volunteer here!


The official channel for Kerbal Space Program.


A newbie friendly lobby channel.


The official and original channel for Minecraft.


Minecraft's official volunteer tech and game help channel, patience when seeking help please!


The Video Game Music Archive is the premier site for fans of video game music. The site has a substantial collection of video game MIDI and a knowledgeable staff.


A friendly general chat channel, normally revolving around gaming.

Have suggestions for additions to this list? Request that it be added at our help desk.