BotServ allows users to request a basic custom bot for a channel. With BotServ you can assign one of the available bots to your channel and set various features such as FANTASY mode which enables ChanServ and moderation operations via ![command] type in-channel public commands, such as !op, !voice, !kick and !kickban to name a few. BotServ bots also function as the interface between ChanServ so all mode settings will be enforced by the bot rather than by ChanServ (e.g. auto-bans and channel mode settings).

For more information on a command, type:

 /msg BotServ HELP [command]
 e.g. /msg BotServ HELP ASSIGN

The following commands are available:

 ACT             Makes the bot do the equivalent of a "/me" command.
 ASSIGN          Assigns a bot to a channel.
 BOTLIST         Lists available bots.
 HELP            Displays contextual help.
 INFO            Allows you to see BotServ information about a channel or a bot.
 SAY             Makes the bot say the given text on the given channel.
 SET             Configures bot options.
 UNASSIGN        Unassigns a bot from a channel.

Quick and dirty guide to setting up a BotServ Bot

Obtain a list of available bots. You can only use the bot nicknames provided by the network. Creation of custom bots is not possible

/msg botserv BOTLIST

Pick one of the bots from the list and then assign it to your channel.

For an example, let's use TESTBOT.

/msg botserv ASSIGN #mychannel TESTBOT

The bot TESTBOT should then join your channel and automatically set itself as an operator (@). Any ChanServ actions that would normally appear in your channel, such as setting modes, bans and so forth will now appear to come from TESTBOT.

There are additional functions provided through BotServ which may be of interest, such as FANTASY commands - this is basically a strange name for being able to control the bot via !commands, like !op [nick], !kick [nick], !voice [nick] etc.

To turn on FANTASY mode, do:

/msg botserv SET #mychannel FANTASY ON


 /msg botserv BOTLIST
	1 bot available.
 /msg botserv ASSIGN #mychannel TESTBOT
	Assigned the bot testbot to #mychannel.
 /msg botserv SET #mychannel FANTASY ON
	Fantasy mode is now ON on channel #mychannel.

GameServ intergration with BotServ

GameServ provides dice rolling, for more information about GameServ please see the GameServ page.

BotServ intergration with GameServ enables the use of GameServ directly with the bot. This useful for when you wish to roll the dice in a channel in full view of everyone there. There are several ways to interact with GameServ, in this section we will focus on the BotServ interaction.

To enable GameServ on your Channel

/msg ChanServ SET #mychannel GAMESERV [ALL|VOICE|OP|OFF]

If your BotServ bot has the FANTASY mode set, you will be able to issue the public command !roll [dice option] in your channel. To turn FANTASY mode on:

/msg botserv SET #mychannel FANTASY ON

Note: This will enable ALL BotServ fantasy commands

BotServ Fantasy Commands for GameServ

!roll [dice]d[faces]            !roll 4d5 = Rolls 4 dice with 5 faces.
!df [dice]d[faces]              !df 2d6 = Rolls Fudge-style dice.
!namegen                        Suggests names for characters.
!wod [dice] [difficulty]        Rolls WOD style dice.

BotServ Fantasy Commands

!op [nick]              Op a user
!deop [nick]            De-op a user
!voice [nick]           Give a user voice
!devoice [nick]         Take voice away from a user
!kick [nick]            Kick a user
!kb [nick/mask]         Kick and ban a user/hostmask
!unban[nick/mask]       Unban a user/hostmask
!akick                  Add a user/mask to the autokick list
!info                   ChanServ info for this channel (sent as a NOTICE)

Note: If you ommit a nickname when issuing op/voice commands, it will act upon your own.