I. Purpose of the EsperNet IRC Network

Drafted by Andy Church, Jennifer Mukai, et al.

The EsperNet IRC Network ("EsperNet") exists to provide Internet users with a pleasant place to carry on conversation, where the medium of conversation is transparent and does not interfere with the users' ability to talk to each other. At the same time, EsperNet protects the right of those users to engage in undisturbed conversation, preventing other users from accidentally or maliciously interrupting that conversation.

II. Use of EsperNet

A. General Use

  1. EsperNet is intended as a forum for conversation. Hence, any activities which jeopardize the rights of other users in that regard or generally, or the existence or functionality of EsperNet as a whole, are prohibited. These include, without limitation:
    • Attempting to gain unauthorized access to IRC channels.
    • Impersonating another user with intent to harm that person or his/her reputation.
    • Sending repeated messages to a user or channel (flooding).
    • Harassing users, e.g. through inflammatory messages.
  2. Though EsperNet is not based solely in the United States, EsperNet has decided to adopt some of its laws and legal definitions. These include, but are by no means limited to:
    • Prohibition of the distribution of child pornography.
    • Prohibition of illegal distribution of software protected by copyright laws (also known as "warez").
    • Prohibition of illegal distribution of other copyrighted intellectual property.
  3. Further EsperNet regulations include:
    • Absolutely no mass advertising, whether by notice, by query (also known as /msg), or any other medium.
    • Channels pertaining to adult sexual topics are permitted, but must remain set to +s (secret) mode at all times. Sex-oriented channels relating to minors are absolutely forbidden.
  4. Note that while any violations brought to the attention of the EsperNet administration will be dealt with, EsperNet assumes no responsibility for the actions of those who use EsperNet, and will not attempt to seek out violations.
  5. EsperNet is a privately owned and operated network. As such, EsperNet reserves the right to remove any person or bot from any or all servers for any reason.

B. Use of Services

EsperNet includes several services designed to assist IRC users; these include NickServ, ChanServ, and MemoServ, and are collectively known as "Services." Services may not be used in any way that adversely affects EsperNet or its users; such ways include:

III. EsperNet Administration

A. Duties of an IRC operator

All EsperNet IRC operators have the following duties:

B. Duties of an IRC server administrator

In addition to those listed above, all EsperNet IRC server administrators have the following duties:

C. Policy decisions

Any policy decision, including addition (linking) or removal (delinking) of servers, changes to a server's status (physical or network location, connectivity, or administrator(s)), or changes to this document, must be approved by the administrators of two-thirds of EsperNet's servers. A server that is the subject of such a decision does not have a say in that decision.